What is long-term care insurance?
Long term care insurance is coverage that is available from Oregon insurance companies to provide medical and other services to patients who need constant care in their own home or in a long term care facility. We offer free Oregon insurance quotes from top long term care insurance companies!

Even though people are living longer, more are requiring expensive assistance in their later years. Long term healthcare services can be provided in your home, in an assisted living facility or in a nursing home. In many cases the family is no longer able to provide such care around the clock. Family members may not live nearby, they may have other pressing family commitments, or simply cannot get the time off work or be away from the home.

It is very likely that someone you know needs help with the activities that many of us take for granted while we are still able to perform them – eating, bathing, dressing, etc. According to the Health Insurance Association of America, 48.6% of people age 65 and older may spend some time in a nursing home and 71.8% of people age 65 and older may use some form of home health care. Additionally, less and less of nursing home costs are paid by Medicare Part A. The average annual nursing home cost have exceeded $40,000 and often much more. Can you pay this? Probably not. This is why it is important to apply for free Oregon insurance quotes for long term care insurance today!

The greatest difficulty with long term care is the lack of preparation for the costs incurred when someone you love requires assistance. Some people can pay the bill out of pocket, others will qualify for Medicaid (welfare), but most of us will fall somewhere in the middle. We have worked hard all our lives and now we can lose everything to a nursing home. Don’t wait! Apply for free Oregon insurance quotes for long term care assistance!

A long term care insurance policy from a qualified Oregan insurance professional can help protect your assets from the rising cost of care, allowing you to remain financially and socially independent. Long term care can help secure not only your financial future, but also that of your family. Now is the time to act and apply! Our offer is for FREE OREGON INSURANCE QUOTES!